Information from the discussion on Vestec Centre

Thank you to all participants for the constructive discussion on the design of the new "square" in the Vestec Centrum project. For those who could not attend, here is a summary.

The discussion concerns the area near the Vestec post office, whose strategic location directly encourages the possibility of creating a central part of the village in which services for citizens could be concentrated - post office, municipal office, public spaces and various shops or services. The area now belongs to a private investor who is willing to hold discussions with the municipality and modify his building plan for the benefit of the citizens of Vestec.

The area is divided into 3 parts - from the view from Vestecka there could be first a public space with the municipal office building, behind them a closed block with apartment houses, then a central part with apartment or terraced houses and a southern part with family houses. All three parts are separated in the proposal by a road network with a connection to Vestecka Street.

Photogallery of the Vestec Centrum project - presented on 21.10. 2021

The project was presented at the public discussion by the designer representing the investor and also by the municipal architect (and author of the opposition to the original design) representing the municipality of Vestec. In particular, the proposal presented:

  • Earmarking the municipal office building into a separate building in the northern part of the site (closest to Vestecka) with a ballroom in the attic of the building
  • create paved public space (square) around the proposed municipal office building (the opposite side of Vestecka Street will remain unchanged and grassed)
  • location of commercial space along the public space (selection of services according to citizens' needs)
  • reduction of high-rise buildings from 4NP to 3NP and adding green roofs on apartment buildings (due to water retention in the landscape or temperature reduction)
  • solutions for all three parts of the whole site separated by a network of roads

In particular, the following comments were made by those present:

  • high traffic load on Vestecka (the mayor of the municipality reminded on this point that the long-term goal of the municipality's management is to limit transit traffic, e.g. of the inhabitants of Jesenice through Vestecka, e.g. thanks to the newly built traffic light)
  • apartment buildings in the central part should be changed to family houses (but the investor and land owner may not agree to this)
  • the road in the new area should not be connected to the southern location - ul. Erbenova (only cyclists and pedestrians could be allowed to pass through)
  • addition of a water feature to the paved sidewalk and a more precise layout of the furniture

Have you thought of anything else about the presented project? You can give us your suggestions in writing until 30 November 2021. On the basis of all suggestions, a revised project will be developed and presented again to the public.

If the citizens and the investor agree on the form of the Vestec Centrum project with the proposed public space with centralized services, the zoning plan must be changed in a shortened way. The current zoning plan allows the investor to build, for example, family houses with 3 residential units or a multifunctional building with commercial premises.

Let's not let this perhaps the only chance we have to create a dignified centre in our community pass us by.