The presidential election is held in 2018. The turnout in the first round was 61.92 % and in the second round 66.60 %. From the first round, the incumbent President Miloš Zeman and former President of the Academy of Sciences Jiří Drahoš, who lost to the incumbent President by 2.74 percentage points, advanced from the first round to the second round.

Miloš Zeman began his second term in office on 8 March 2018 by taking the presidential oath of office.


A citizen who is eligible to vote and has reached the age of 40 may be elected President of the Republic. In the Czech Republic, the term of office of the President is 5 years. No one may be elected more than twice in succession, nor may a citizen be elected who has been punished for treason or for gross violation of the Constitution or any other part of the constitutional order. To be eligible to stand as a candidate, at least 20 deputies or 10 senators or at least 50 000 citizens must sign a petition.

The election shall be held during the last sixty days of the term of office of the incumbent President of the Republic, but not later than thirty days before the expiry of his term of office. If the office of President of the Republic becomes vacant, the election shall be held within ninety days.

So the next presidential election will be in 2023.