Full closure of ul. Vestecká in the section from the waterworks to Klimešům from 11.10. to 31.10.

From Monday 11.10. until the end of the month will be due to the planned reconstruction of the surface of Vestecká Street completely closed section from the waterworks to Klimeši. The entrance will be only residents allowed from a given location. The 326 line and school buses will be maintained. Other vehicles must use the detour route through Jesenice.

The planned reconstruction of the surface of Vestecká Street will take place in two stages. The second stage of the reconstruction will probably start at the beginning of November and will cover the section from Klimešů to Vídeňská! The area will be passable for buses and residents only. The work should be completed by 31.12.2021.

We apologize for the complications associated with this challenging reconstruction and ask for your patience. After the completion of this work, the new traffic light at the intersection Vestecká x Ve Stromkách will also be put into operation.

We informed you about the planned reconstruction in the June Vestecky List.


Obec Vestec povoluje zvláštní užívání pozemní komunikace v ulici Vestecká z důvodu opravy komunikace.  Rozhodnutí