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Cleanliness of the municipality, public order and functional municipal property is a priority for us. Help us maintain them.

You can also help with faster and more effective removal of defects and deficiencies on the facilities owned by the municipality of Vestec. All you have to do is send a photo with a problem alert using the InCity app from your mobile phone.

Vestec is one of the few municipalities to join the InCITY application. Now you can conveniently follow the latest information about Vestec from your mobile phone.

What's new is that people have also joined the app Technical services of the municipality of Vestec, s.r.o.where you can report a defect in the village online, find collection points for sorted waste in the village, find information about the Collection Yard, etc.

Help us keep order in our community.

Download the app to your phone from Apple store, or Google Play.

An email address can also be used as a secondary input:


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