Matrimonial events for the citizens of Vestec are handled by Jesenice town office with the exception of the Welcoming of Citizens, which is organized directly by the municipality of Vestec.

What matters are dealt with by the registry office

Conclusion of marriage

You deal with the registry office in the place of the marriage. If the ceremony takes place outside the couple's permanent residence, you will be asked to pay an administrative fee.

If you have decided to get married in the municipality of Vestec and you have a permanent residence here, you can be married by the mayor of our municipality. Please contact the secretary of the municipal office and check the dates. All documents for the conclusion of the marriage are to be presented at the registry office in Jesenice.

After marriage, you must apply for an exchange of documents at any office that issues identity cards and travel documents. The validity of the passport for a change of surname is still 3 months after the marriage and it is possible to travel abroad during this period.

Change of name or surname

The application is submitted on the prescribed form to the registry office according to the place of permanent residence of the applicant, for residents of Vestec to the registry office at the Municipal Office in Jesenice. An administrative fee of CZK 3,000 will be levied with effect from 1 January 2024.

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Birth of a child

You can apply for compensation and maternity allowance before the birth of your child. As a rule, in the 12th week of pregnancy, you can register at the maternity hospital of your choice to give birth; there are several maternity hospitals to choose from.

After the birth of the child, arrange a birth certificate for the child at the registry office of the place of birth and register the child with the mother's health insurance company within 8 days of the birth. After birth, the child automatically acquires a permanent residence address according to the mother, or in the case of a foreign mother, according to the father if he is a citizen of the Czech Republic.

After the birth of your child, you can claim paternity allowance and parental allowance. For new citizens of Vestec, you can also apply for a one-off childbirth  paid directly by the municipality of Vestec and you can also take part in the Welcome of Citizens ceremony.

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Issuing a death certificate addresses registry office according to the address of the deceased's permanent residence, the documents for its issue are sent to the registry office by the doctor. To arrange the funeral, you will need the birth certificate, the marriage certificate and a photograph of the deceased (for the funeral party).

The deceased's documents should be handed in as soon as possible at the Černošice Municipal Office, Podskalská 19, Prague 2, Personal Documents Department.

Always in progress inheritance proceedings, the notary addresses the heirs, usually after 6-9 months. A notary will be assigned to you.

If you were receiving Attendance Allowance for the deceased, you must report the death to the Jobcentre within 8 days. You can apply for a widow's/widower's pension, or an orphan's pension, or a funeral allowance.

You must file a tax return for the deceased business. Report the death to your energy supplier or telephone company.

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In Vestec you can arrange

Welcoming of Citizens

A newborn baby acquires automatically the same permanent address as the mother's. If the mother is a foreigner, the child receives the address of permanent residence from the father if he is a citizen of the Czech Republic.

First address permanent residence in the municipality of Vestec gives the child the opportunity to participate in the Welcoming of Citizens in our municipality. As a rule, the Welcoming of Citizens is held once a year in April-June and parents must actively register their child for it. The Mayor or Vice-Mayor of the village personally welcomes the new citizens and presents the parents and the child with small gifts.

Handled by Kateřina Haladová

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