Municipal Police Vestec

The Vestec Municipal Police is an organ of the municipality. It was established by the general binding decree of the municipality No.3/2012 in accordance with Act No. 553/1991 Coll. on the Municipal Police, as amended, and its the 1st Vice-Mayor of the municipality was entrusted with the management Jiří Řízek.

The Vestec Municipal Police provides 24-hour service to citizens. In the performance of its tasks it cooperates with the Police of the Czech Republic.

Contact details

Municipal Police Vestec

Vestecká 3 (Municipal Office building)
252 50 Vestec

Contact phone:   739 156 156,    70 22 77 22 7,    313 035 500


Mailbox ID: p66v787

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Anyone has the right to contact municipal employees assigned to the municipal police (hereinafter referred to as "officer") with a request for assistance; officers are obliged to provide the requested assistance within the scope of their duties.

The municipal police ensures local public order matters within the jurisdiction of the municipality of Vestec, and on the basis of a public law contract also in the municipalities of Dolní Břežany, Zlatníky - Hodkovice, Ohrobec, Vrané nad Vltavou, Dobřejovice, Modletice, Herink, Popovičky. Each municipality has an assigned constable - precinct officer. For the village of Vestec the precinct officer is Mr. Michal Typl.

The municipal police in securing local public order matters and performing other tasks according to the law, in particular:

  • contributes to the protection and safety of persons and property
  • supervises the observance of the rules of civil coexistence
  • supervises compliance with generally binding ordinances and regulations of the municipality
  • participates, to the extent provided for by this or a special law, in the supervision of the safety and continuity of traffic on roads
  • participates in the observance of legal regulations on the protection of public order and, within the scope of its duties and powers provided for by this or a special law, takes measures to restore it
  • participates in the prevention of crime in the village
  • supervises the cleanliness of public spaces in the municipality
  • detects misdemeanours and other administrative offences, the handling of which is within the competence of the municipality.

When performing the tasks of the municipal police, the officer has the right to:

  • request the necessary explanations from citizens
  • require proof of identity
  • show a person
  • remove the weapon
  • prohibit access to certain places
  • open an apartment or other (even non-residential) space
  • take away a thing
  • use a technical means to prevent the vehicle from leaving
  • stop vehicles
  • enter trade establishments and use their authorisations
  • use law enforcement, a service dog and a service weapon.

The powers and duties of the constable are further specified by Act No. 553/1991 Coll. on the Municipal Police.