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Fees for 2022

Waste fee

Payment information

In December 2021, a new general binding decree No.3/2021 on the local fee for municipal waste disposal came into force, which responds to the changes introduced by the new Waste Act No. 541/2020 Coll. the 2022 fee will be paid BACK, not upfront as before. The consumption settlement for 2022 will thus take place in January 2023 with the obligation to pay the fee by 30 April 2023 at the latest.

The price will still be set according to the capacity of the container, but will now be quoted per 1 litre of container capacity. After recalculation according to the size of the container, it corresponds approximately to the current prices. The fee can be found in the Local Fee Schedule. It varies according to the intensity of the collection (once a week or once every 14 days) and the size of the collection container. The 120 l and 240 l containers are purchased by citizens at their own expense.

If you would like to change the frequency of your collection or the size of your bin, please contact in writing municipal office, be sure to include the date of the change.

Payer the charge for the disposal of municipal waste from immovable property is a natural person who resides in the immovable property (this is not strictly a permanent address). If no natural person resides in the property, the taxpayer is the owner of the immovable property (natural or legal person).

Fees for 2022 can be paid by bank transfer to an account held by at CS 0388054389/0800 or KB: 107-2845800287/0100 from January 2023 at the latest by 30.4.2023. Please do not send payments in advance, wait for the invoice to be issued. When paying by bank transfer, it is important to specify VS - for family houses: VS = no. (e.g. 141, or 21...), for apartment buildings: VS = apartment no. 00000 no.p. (e.g. 0500000322, or 1200000375...).

We recommend that you include your surname and the purpose of the payment (e.g. Novák - waste) in the message to the recipient.


Further information on municipal waste of natural persons

The payer of the fee is either the owner of the property or the association of owners of residential units in the case of apartment buildings. The taxpayer is the natural person who resides in the immovable property or the owner of a property where no natural person resides.

There is a 15-day period for reporting important changes concerning the fee payer (registration but and logout from the fee) to the fee administrator (municipal authority).

You sign up for waste collection by filling in Applications and its delivery to the municipal office. The application form can be filled out in person at the office.

A stamp on the bin is not issued - the chip is used for identification, which will be attached to your collection container by a TSDB s.r.o. employee after you have registered for the waste fee.

An uncollected dumpster for family houses, you can complain to the dispatcher of TSDB, s.r.o., Mr. Kvítek, at 731 410 418, preferably on the day of collection. It is necessary to leave the uncollected container out until it has been collected. Bin collection day is on Friday, but we recommend preparing the containers on Thursday evening. Collection of containers for the 14-day collection is on SATURDAY WEEKS.

Bulky and hazardous waste Vestec citizens can hand in their collection yard in the street Na Průhoně 159. Maps of collection points for sorted waste and bio-waste can be found at Maps of Vestec.

Handled by: Marcela Ženožičková

Fee for dogs

Payment information

The amount of the fee can be found in the Local Fee Schedule. From 2021, owners of a dog adopted from the local dog association Dog's Most Loyal Friend, z.s. are now exempt from the fee for a period of 2 years from the adoption of the dog.

Fees can be paid by bank transfer to an account held with NO 0388054389/0800 or KB: 107-2845800287/0100 no later than 31.03. of the year in question.

When paying by bank transfer, it is important to specify VS - for family houses, please specify VS = no. p. (e.g. 141, or 21...), for apartment buildings indicate VS in the form of: apartment no. 00000 no. p. (e.g. 0500000375, or1200000375...).

We recommend that you include your surname and the purpose of the payment in the message to the recipient (e.g. Novák - dog).

Fees can be paid in cash or by credit card at the Vestec Municipal Office on the following days:
Monday 7:30-12:00 and 13:00-17:00, 
Wednesday 8:00-12:00 and 13:00-18:00.


Further information for dog owners

Everyone's a dog over 3 months old must be registered by its owner in person at the municipal office, where the application form will be drawn up. To register your dog, please prepare completed vaccination card with chip number and your ID. You must report all relevant changes (acquisition and disposal of the dog) within 15 days of the date of the change.

After registration and payment of the fee, the owner will be issued a dog identification tag.

Handled by: Marcela Ženožičková

Fees for the use of public spaces

Public space encroachment includes fees for the placement of temporary structures and facilities for the sale or provision of services, containers for construction debris, for example temporarily placed in public space, for the placement of advertising devices or for the use of public space for sporting or cultural events. The price list can be found under the tab Overview of local fees - price list.

Handled by: Ing. Kateřina Vokounová