Czech POINT service

The Czech POINT service in our municipality enables the following formalities to be processed:

  • extract from the Land Registry
  • extract from the Commercial Register
  • extract from the Trade Register
  • extract from the criminal record of natural and legal persons
  • an extract from the driver's score sheet
  • request for an extract from the Criminal Record pursuant to Act No.124/2008 Coll.
  • request for a certified output from the List of Qualified Suppliers
  • submission to the ISOH Wreck Module Register of Operators
  • extract from the insolvency register
  • request for an extract of data from the population information system
  • mediated identification
  • a request to provide reference data to a third party
  • authentication of documents (vidimation) and signatures (legalization) and from 3.1.2024 also eLegalization (authentication of electronic signatures on electronic documents)
  • Authorised document conversion
  • data box agenda

Czech POINT services are available in office hours Municipal Office.


These services are subject to a fee:

  • for statements, usually CZK 100 for the first page of the statement and CZK 50 for each additional page
  • for signature verification (including electronic signature) 50 CZK/signature - effective from 1.1.2024
  • for authentication of documents 30 CZK/page
  • for authorized document conversion 30 CZK/page

Payment is made on the spot by cash or credit card.


Current availability of Czech POINT services can be verified here.