Effective 05.05.2022, the pandemic alert has been cancelled - from this date on, wearing respirators or masks is no longer required even in health care facilities or social facilities of selected types. From this date, health insurance companies will also stop reimbursing PCR tests for their insured, except for PCR tests on request from a doctor.

As of 14.4.2022 duty to have a deployed respiratory protection ONLY in medical and social care facilities of selected types.

Nose and mouth protection is no longer required (only recommended) on public transport (including taxis or long-distance transport) or inside buildings that are not medical or welfare facilities.


With effect from 1.3.2022 removes the limitation on the number of persons at mass, cultural, sporting and leisure events. Anyone who is covered by public health insurance is entitled to the following from 1.3.2022 1 free PCR test per month. So far the obligation to wear respiratory protection remains in force in public transport, in the interior of buildings, in workplaces, at public events, in the theatre, cinema, concerts or sports matches.

With effect from 9 February 2022, it is not necessary to show a certificate of vaccination or covid-19 disease for the use of services, entry to restaurants and cultural, sporting and other events (except for visitors to social facilities). There is also an increase in the maximum number of people at mass events. Mandatory testing of employees and students in schools ends as of February 18, 2022.


The current pandemic measures in force can be found at covid portal of the Ministry of the Interior.

The portal clearly informs about:

  • conditions for travelling abroad
  • vaccinations, vaccines and vaccination centres
  • government restrictions applicable in different life situations
  • symptoms of disease, quarantine, isolation
Vaccination certificates can be downloaded from the Citizen's Vaccination Portal: father.uzis.cz