Prolongation of temporary protection - prolongation of temporary protection

Those who have obtained temporary protection by the end of 2022 are eligible for an extension. First of all. register online HERE and book an appointment for a personal visit. By booking an appointment, your temporary protection is extended until 30 September 2023. come to a Ministry of the Interior office to affix the visa sticker, take with you travel document, proof of accommodation and, if applicable, documents proving your authorisation to represent the minor. If everything is in order, you will be Temporary protection extended until 31 March 2024.

Online registration for renewal of the hourly protection will start on 30.01.2023. We will publish the request for online registration as soon as it is available.

More information can be found on the Information Portal for Foreigners:

Information leaflets:

CZ_extension_general.pdfUA provision of hourly security

Bindings_general_version for onlineUA_Bindings_general_version for online




Aid to Ukraine should be targeted, organised and, above all, long-term. If you want to contribute financially, materially, offer accommodation or transport, psychological or legal assistance, check the website This website provides an overview of everything you can do to help Ukrainians coming to the Czech Republic.

To offer alternative accommodation, you can contact the information line of the Central Bohemian Fire Brigade: 950 870 420, send an offer to the email of the Central Bohemian Region, or insert your offer on the site

If you feel like volunteering to lend a hand, choose from offers of volunteer help (not only interpreting) on the national portal

You can still contribute financial contributions to collections organized by verified organizations:

  1. Czech Red Cross - Account: 333999/2700, variable symbol 1502; in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provides medical supplies
  2. People in Need - Account: 0093209320/0300; humanitarian aid to people affected by the war
  3. Charity Czech Republic - Account: 55660022/0800variable symbol 104; basic needs for people affected by the war
  4. Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic has a bank account (304452700/0300) to which funds can be sent for the subsequent purchase of defence equipment. Link to the office's Facebook page here.

Or take advantage of "Constellation of aid to Ukraine" and buy charity vouchers from 100 CZK for UNICEF, People in Need, Post Bellum, ADRA, Charity of the Czech Republic.

You can also contribute by donating food or cosmetics to Food bankswhich also distributes donations to Ukrainian refugees. A list of regional food banks can be found in the link above. You can support the work of the Food Bank by donating food, making a financial donation or volunteering at Food collection.



Basic information on how to proceed and where to go is available on the website Ministry of the Interior. Phone line 974 801 802, and on the web

The basic information on what jobs are available and where to go is on the website Ministry of the Interior Help. Telephone line with further information for citizens of Ukraine: + 420 974 801 802, Our Ukrainians - Information on how to help (


Each region in the Czech Republic has established its Regional Assistance Centre for Ukraine (KACPU)which offers comprehensive services from arranging residency, health insurance, psychological assistance or help with finding housing and work, information about the education system, etc. These are contact point and first point of contact for Ukrainian residents, who get into the Czech Republic. Interpretation provided.
People should use all Regional Assistance Centres, not just the one in Prague, which is the busiest and has been refusing new arrivals in recent days. A list of all assistance centres can be found at here.

Visit the Regional Data Centre KACPU

Regional Assistance Centre for Ukraine.pdf - information

As Ukrainians coming to the Czech Republic, you can register here, apply for a special long-stay visa, get medical insurance or get information about employment. You can get help with accommodation and other assistance.

We recommend you to visit KACPU, because here you can find everything you need to know. Officers of the Police for Foreigners and the Department of Immigration and Migration Policy (OAMP) will be at your disposal, as well as officers of the Health Insurance Company (VZP) and the Labour Office. The addresses of KACPU in each region can be found below on this page.

With children under the age of 15 it is not necessary to go to the Regional Assistance Centre. If you have a secure home and safe care for them, we recommend that you do not take them to KACPU. You only need to come to the workplace with a legal document or a birth certificate. We recommend that you take a passport size photo of them with you. Please do not leave any documents you came with or that you received from the Czech authorities.


Public transport in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region will adjust the conditions for free transport for citizens of Ukraine from 1 May 2022. Information leaflet.

Free transportation of Ukrainian citizens from 1. 5. 2022. All other citizens of Ukraine, who do not meet the above conditions, are obliged to pay for the journey according to the Tariff of the Holiday Integrated Transport.

Information leaflets:

Contacts to help people from Ukraine in the Central Bohemia Region and Prague.pdf



Aid for Ukrainians coming to the Czech Republic.pdf


The request for non-refundable one-time assistance in case of threat to the lives of Ukrainian citizens who came to the Czech Republic after the war is being considered. Humanitarian aid.

The points of employment can be found here:

Activities for children from Ukraine and their mothers looking for a new or temporary home in the Czech Republic. The aim is to give new arrivals as peaceful a start as possible and invite them into local communities.

Activity book for children from Ukraine and their motherswho are looking for a new home or a one-hour home in the Czech Republic. The aim is to give newcomers a smoother start and invite them to the local communities.