Below you will find the most common forms and applications.

Social Programme of the Municipality of Vestec

Every permanently registered citizen of Vestec has the opportunity to apply for a financial contribution for housing every year. Starting in 2023, citizens can apply for an allowance of CZK 1,300 for an adult and CZK 2,000 for a child. All seniors can apply for an additional CZK 2,000 on top of the basic application of CZK 1,300. And parents of newborn citizens of Vestec can apply for a one-off birth allowance of CZK 3,000.

The rules and deadlines for applying for the social programme can be found here.

Applications - Social programme of the municipality of Vestec

Application - housing allowance - adult_2023.pdf

Application - housing allowance - adult_2023.xlsx

Application - housing allowance - child_2023.pdf

Application - housing allowance - child_2023.xlsx

Application - allowance for the elderly_2023.pdf

Application - allowance for the elderly_2023.xlsx

Application - childbirth benefits.pdf

Application - childbirth benefits.xlsx

Applications and announcements

Application for municipal waste collection

The payer of the fee is either the owner of the property or the association of owners of residential units in the case of apartment buildings. The taxpayer is the natural person who resides in the immovable property or the owner of a property where no natural person resides.

There is a 15-day period for reporting important changes concerning the fee payer (registration but and logout from the fee) to the fee administrator (municipal authority). The application or opt-out form must be delivered to the municipal office.

Waste application form.pdf

More information on the page Local fees.

Registration of a dog in the records of the municipality of Vestec

Any dog over 3 months old must be registered by its owner in person at the Registry municipal office, where an application form will be drawn up with him. To register your dog, please prepare a completed vaccination card with chip number and your ID card. You must report any relevant changes (acquisition or disposal of the dog) within 15 days of the time of the change.

After registration and payment of the fee, the owner will be issued a dog identification tag.

More information on the page Local fees.

Miscellaneous applications and templates

Application for permission to cut down trees growing outside the forest

If you want to cut down trees on your property, you can download a felling permit application to simplify the process. Fill in the application form, attach the required attachments and submit it to the Vestec municipality. Your application will be dealt with by the Local Authority or the Environmental Commission.

ATTENTION! Felling is usually permitted during the dormant season.
The annexes listed in the application are mandatory.

Application for permission to cut down trees for a construction project.pdf

Application for permission to cut down trees growing outside the forest.pdf

Application for connection of a local road, dedicated road or neighbouring property to a local road

Application for permission for special use of the road

Application - Proposal for cancellation of permanent residence

The applicant must be a person entitled to submit the application (pursuant to Section 12(1)(c) of Act No. 133/2000 Coll., on population registration and birth registration, as amended) and must prove that both conditions for initiating the administrative procedure have been met, i.e. the termination of the right of use of the person whose permanent residence is to be cancelled, and at the same time prove that the property is not in use.

Request for initiation of administrative proceedings in the matter of cancellation of permanent residence of a citizen of the Czech Republic.pdf

Application for the appointment of a special recipient of pension insurance benefits

Power of attorney for vehicle transfer

In some cases, a special power of attorney is required. A special power of attorney differs from an "ordinary" power of attorney in that the principal specifies the purpose of the authorisation as precisely as possible.

Power of attorney form for vehicle transfer.pdf

Power of Attorney - Consent of the owner to the registration of a natural person in the property

How to deliver forms to the municipal office?

Forms, applications and applications can be delivered via the individual's data box to data boxes of the municipality Vestec DS:cytasj8 or in person to the Vestec municipal office during office hours.