12.02.2015 Our region Old age should be treated with respect 
12.01.2015 Our region His heart beats for go-karts 

28.08.2014 Our region Neckyáda - a bit of a different sport, the biggest benefit is the education of your own players 

02.08.2013 5plus2 Vestec - a sporting village 

05.11.2012 E15 The SAO revealed errors in ROP subsidies

28.04.2011 Our Region At 3:00 they stepped on the pedals
14.04.2011 Our Region Internet entertains us, Emerged as an unwanted child, Pink roller crushes rivals
03.04.2011 A passenger vehicle crashed in Vestec in the Prague-West district...
16.02.2011 iDnes Passengers will be transported from Jesenice to Smíchov by an express bus line. In 25 minutes
15.02.2011 InfoCompass New opportunity for sport and relaxation in Vestec
04.01.2011 The Ministry of Education and Science has sent the last big Biocev project to Brussels

23.02.2010 Prague has its first milk vending machine
04.05.2010 Less money for the Biocev project in Vestec...
09.12.2010 Our Region Beer at the Ex, Sneaking and Cajdac at the end, She outsmarted her dad
28.10.2010 iDnes Man injured while trapping sparrows in supermarket

26.12.2009 iDnes Two people killed in fire in Vestec near Prague, over 20 had to flee

01.07.2007 Prosecutors have dropped charges against former Vestec mayor...
09.05.2007 Ex-mayor of Vestec charged over hurricane tragedy

Internet & TV 

2018 V. Vaneček The Light of Bethlehem
2018 V. Vaněček Mardi Gras
 2017  V.Vanecek  Children's Day
 2017  V.Vanecek  Witches
 2017  V.Vanecek  Mardi Gras
 2016  V.Vanecek  PumpkinPlay
 2016  V.Vanecek  Marian consecration
 2016  V.Vanecek  IZS 2016
 2016  V.Vanecek  Witches
 2016  V.Vanecek  Welcoming of Citizens
 2016  V.Vanecek  Easter decorating
 2016  V.Vanecek  Vestecky Mardi Gras
 2015  V.Vanecek  Bethlehem Light
 2015  V.Vanecek  St. Nicholas Day party
 2015  V.Vaneček  Lighting of the Vestec Christmas Tree
 2015  V.Vaneček  Christmas creation - workshop
 2015  CT 4  Vestečti seniors scored points
 2015  V.Vaneček  Vestec Candle Lighting 2015
 2015  V.Vaneček  Parachutists in Vestec 2015
 2015  V.Vaneček  Vestec neckyáda 2015
 2015  V.Vaneček  Vestecký vodník 2015
 2015  V.Vaneček  Children's Day 2015
 2015  V.Vaneček Vestec Witches 2015 
14.2.2015 TV Prague Mardi Gras 2015

Media 2014 and older

22.12.2014 Welcoming the New Year of the Vietnamese Community of Vestec
27.5.2014 IZS Day at the Vestec Secondary School

16.6.2013 Surveillance activities of the Municipal Police Vestec

2.11.2012 Vestec has been awarded the Open Society Association award

2014 IZS Vestec
2014 Witches Vestec
2014 MŠ Vestec
2014 Mardi Gras Vestec

25.4.2011 CT24 The cycle path to Prague ends in a field
5.3.2011 Mardi Gras 2011IIIIIIV,
1.1.2011 New Year's Eve 2010

20.9.2010 Prague Ring Road
1.8.2010 Mobile water treatment at the pond

26.12.2009 CT24 Two people killed in fire in Vestec near Prague

1.6.2008 Construction of the Prague Ring Road Vestec - Lahovice


12.01.2015 Our region