Sports facilities of the municipality of Vestec

The sports facilities include an exercise hall with mirrors and 4 changing rooms with showers for athletes, a grass football pitch, a multifunctional pitch in the indoor sports hall, an outdoor chess court, an interactive playground and an iCourt, as well as an outdoor gym. The first floor of the building houses a children's family centre operating, among other things, a playroom for children. There is also a restaurant and a playground.

Bicycles, dogs and smoking are prohibited in the entire area.

All sports clubs are part of the Sports Union Viktoria Vestec located in the sports building.

The aim of the contributory organization is a functional unit that would unite all sports facilities of the municipality of Vestec, i.e. the Sports Centre TJ Viktoria Vestec and the new sports ground behind the pond. The aim is to have a transparent, separate management, to be able to lease out the assets of this contributory organisation and to have a clearly defined, responsible organisational structure.

Contact details

Sports ground of the municipality of Vestec - contributory organization

At the Playground 575
252 50 Vestec


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Ing. Miroslav Vlasák

Director of the contributory organisation

mobile: +420 603 222 167

Marcela Ptáčková

Sports ground manager

mobile: +420 606 806 469


Charter of incorporation

Charter of the Sports Ground PO - 17.12.2014

Budget Sports ground of the municipality of Vestec, p.o.

Sports ground budget 2024 - published on 01.03.2024

Medium-term budget outlook for the years 2024 - 2026 - published on 4.1.2024

Sports ground budget 2023 - published on 30.03.2023

Medium-term budget outlook for the years 2023 - 2025 - published on 22.12.2022

Sports Ground Budget 2022 - published on 10.03.2022

Sports Ground Budget 2021 - published on 12.02.2021

Sports ground budget 2020 - published on 12.02.2020

Sports ground budget 2019 - published on 24.04.2019

Sports ground budget 2018 - published on 18.04.2018

Sports ground budget 2017

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Sports ground budget 2012

Medium-term budget outlook for the Sports Ground 2022 - 2024 - published on 11.1.2022

Medium-term Budget Outlook 2021-2023 - published on 10.12.2020

Medium-term Budget Outlook 2020-2022 - published on 24.04.2019

Medium-term Budget Outlook 2019-2021 - published on 18.04.2018