Collection yard in Vestec

The collection yard is located on the AGRA premises in Vestec in Na Průhoně Street and is open two days a week:

WEDNESDAYS 4.00 pm - 8.00 pm and SATURDAYS 8.00 am - 2.00 pm.

It is operated by the Technical Services of the Municipality of Vestec, p.o. 

The collection yard is intended ONLY for Vestec citizens who have a permanent residence in the municipality or who pay municipal waste fees as tenants. Therefore, you must show either your ID card or proof of payment of the annual municipal waste fee upon entry.

The collection yard is intended for the collection of waste from Vestec households (not from businesses) - the operator has the right to refuse excessive amounts of waste.


What can be bundled?

The collection yard collects plastics, paper, cardboard, metals, used edible oil from households, electrical waste, old appliances, hazardous waste, wood waste, bulky waste, construction debris (! limit 300 kg/household/year).

The collection of bio-waste from households is prioritised containers for bio-waste placed around the village. You can also order your own bio-waste container - contact Mr Kvítek from TSDB, tel. 731 410 418.

Map of bio-waste containers in Vestec

The collection is free of charge for the citizens of Vestec as part of the municipal waste fee.


Households can also use the free collection points for sorted waste always located within an accessible distance throughout the village.

Map of collection points for sorted waste in the municipality of Vestec


Telephone contact:

Jaroslav Skřivan, tel. 608 019 048


Where exactly is the collection yard located?

The entrance to the collection yard is from the side street from Na Průhoně road.