University of the Third Age - U3V

The U3V started its activities in 2011 and provides general, leisure and non-vocational education at university level to people in later life, which universities traditionally include in their lifelong learning offer. The University of the Third Age also offers the possibility of education to Vestec seniors close to their homes - lectures are held once a fortnight in the Biocevo building (Průmyslová 595, Vestec) in the form of virtual lectures on the Internet. The University of the Third Age is a project of the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague.

Each year there are 2 semesters on different topics. For the summer semester of 2022 we have chosen the following two topics:

  1. Armenia near far - This lecture series will introduce Armenia, its geographical location, brief history, religion, ethnic groups and national minorities.
  2. Czech History in Context II - Second semester of the course Czech History in Context will deal with Czech history from the 15th to the 19th century. His six lectures will take you through the basic stages of Czech history as we know it from our school desks. They will take us to the threshold of modern civil society and to the motives behind the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic.

Lectures will be held in 2022 on February 8, February 22, March 8, March 22, April 5, and April 19, 2022.

In 2020, the spring semester of the U3V was held on the theme: Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519): the Renaissance uomo universale. In 2019, the spring semester of the U3V was held on the theme: Gems of Baroque Sculpture in the Czech Lands, and the autumn semester on Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Citizens of retirement age (i.e. eligible for a retirement pension) or disabled pensioners can apply. The price remains long-term 300 CZK/ student/ semester. Semesters start in October and February and include 6 video lectures.

Those interested in studying at U3V can apply at:

  • tel.: 313 035 501 (municipal office)
  • tel.: 724 211 721 (Libuše Jarolímková)
  • e-mail:

Prerequisites for successful completion of the course: 80% attendance, completion of tests. For more information about U3V and study requirements, please visit:

Students who complete the entire study programme in the prescribed six semesters will receive a "Certificate of Graduation from the University of the Third Age" upon graduation in Prague - Suchdol. Since its establishment, we have already had several graduates in Vestec.