Campanus BUS

Morning school connections for pupils in grades 1-4 continue to depart in January 2022 according to the current timetables, no changes have been made.

14.10.2021 - Dear parents, we have already addressed the recurring delays of the morning service with the carrier. The delay was caused by the worsened traffic situation. Buses will be leaving the depot even earlier to avoid a repeat of the situation. If there are any problems with school services, please contact us at Thank you.

Also in the school year 2021/2022, the municipality will provide a morning bus service to Campanus Primary School for pupils in grades 1, 2 and 3. Contracts can be signed in the municipal office from 30.8.2021 to Thursday 2.9.2021. The fee remains 1000 CZK / pupil / school year.

Transportation of children is provided by two buses, each with a chaperone who will take the children to the Campanus Primary School. The boarding stops do not correspond to public transport stops, they are marked with their own dials.

BUS 1 - stops:  departure time
Vestec, Municipal Office 6:50
Vestec, Na Spojce 6:52
Campanus Primary School (At Kunratice Forest) 7:22


BUS 2 - stops: departure time
Vestec, Nezvalova 6:45
Vestec, U Vodárny 6:47
Vestec, U Hrnčíř 6:53
Campanus Primary School (At Kunratice Forest) 7:23


The school bus is intended for pupils of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades, in case of free capacity also for the youngest pupils of 4th grade. Substitutes may apply from August 30 to September 2, 2021 at the municipal office and we will contact you on Friday, September 3 to see if your child can ride the school bus starting Monday, September 6, 2021.

Other students have the opportunity to use bus line 326, which goes 3 times in the morning to the stop near the school "U Kunratického lesa". Children do not have to change at Opatov.

The afternoon bus can be used without a contract and at no charge for all grades.

Parents please note on the need to use roušek for children on the school bus (morning and afternoon)!

Afternoon bus

The afternoon bus can be used without a contract and at no charge for all grades. Departure from the bus stop U Kunratického lesa is at 16:35. The children from the school day care are accompanied to the bus and all the way home by assistants, the pupils show their Bus Departures card at the day care. The youngest children need to know which stop they are getting off at, the supervisor hands them over to an adult escort.

In Vestec, the bus stops at the public transport stops "Hrnčíře", "U Klimešů", "Obecní úřad" and "Safina". Arrivals depend on the current traffic situation, the approximate journey to the Municipal Office takes 15 minutes.

Documents to download

Contract - BUS - 2021/22

Contract school bus

Departure card for the Campanus Primary School

Departures card