The second round of elections to the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic will take place on 30 September and 1 October 2022.

Elections to 1/3 of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic will take place on 23-24 September 2022. Elections to the Vestec Municipal Council will be held at the same time.


Elections to the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic were held in October 2016. The first round took place on 7. and 8 October 2016 with a turnout of 35.40 % and the second was held on 14 and 15 October with a turnout of 15.65 %. The next election will be held in our community in the fall of 2022.

Vestec belongs to constituency No. 16 - Beroun

For detailed results of previous elections, see here.


Information for voters

A voter for the Senate is only a citizen of the Czech Republicwho is at least 18 years of age on the second day of the election. A citizen who is at least 18 years of age on the second day of the second round may also vote in the second round.

A voter cannot vote in the Senate elections if obstacles prevent him or her from exercising the right to vote:

  • statutory restriction of personal liberty for reasons of public health (quarantine)
  • limitation of legal capacity to exercise the right to vote.

Voter ID cards

Voting takes place in those constituencies where elections to the Senate have been called. A voter may apply to the municipal authority in whose permanent register he or she is registered for a voter card. The application may be made from the date of the announcement of the elections:

  • in person at the Vestec municipal office (Vestecká 3, Vestec) no later than Wednesday 21 September 2022 by 16:00, for the second round no later than Wednesday 28 September 2022 by 16:00 (the service will be provided in the office of the local authority for the processing of voter ID applications).
  • by submission delivered no later than 16 September 2022 by 16:00 on Friday 16 September 2022 in documentary form with a certified signature of the applicant or in electronic form sent only via the voter's (natural person's) data box. A specimen application form can be found below.

Voter ID cards Published by municipal office no earlier than 15 days before the election day, i.e. no earlier than Thursday 8 September 2022.

A voter residing in the municipality of Vestec can vote with his/her voter card only in the constituency belonging to constituency No. 16 Berounwhere elections for the Senate have been called. For constituency 16 - Beroun these are these municipalities.



Application for a voter card

Power of attorney to receive a voter card

Proof of identity

The voter must prove his/her identity and citizenship of the Czech Republic at the polling station

  • a valid ID card,
  • a valid passport of the Czech Republic.

If the voter fails to prove his or her identity and citizenship with the necessary documents, he or she will not be allowed to vote.

Voting process

The voter receives a blank official envelope with an official stamp from the precinct election commission. On request, the commission will also issue a set of ballot papers.

In the 2022 concurrent election, the voter will receive a GREY envelope for the municipal election and a YELLOW envelope for the Senate election. The colour of the envelope corresponds to the colour of the ballot paper - grey for the Municipal Council, yellow for the Senate.

For the second round of the Senate elections, the ballots of the two advancing candidates will be distributed at the polling station. The official envelope for the runoff election is grey.

Each voter votes in person, no proxy voting is allowed.

The voter enters with the official envelope and ballot papers to the area designated for ballot paper editing, where he/she shall select one ballot paper with the name of the candidate to be elected. A voter who is unable to adjust the ballot paper due to a physical defect, or who cannot read or write, may be accompanied by another voter, but not by a member of the precinct election commission, in the ballot paper adjustment area and have the ballot paper adjusted and placed in the official envelope, or the official envelope placed in the ballot box.

The voter votes by placing the official envelope with one selected ballot paper in the ballot box in front of the precinct election commission. In the case of a simultaneous election, the GREY official envelope contains the GREY ballot paper for the municipal elections and the YELLOW official envelope contains one YELLOW ballot paper with the name of the candidate for the Senate elections. 

In the case of the second round of elections to the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, ballot papers are no longer distributed to voters in advance, but voters receive ballot papers with the names of the two candidates who have advanced to the second round directly at the polling station.

When can a ballot be invalid?

The voter must ensure that only one ballot paper was placed in the official envelope. Multiple ballot papers in the official envelope means an invalid vote. The ballot paper must be placed in an official envelope of the same colour, otherwise the voter's vote is invalid (for the elections to the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, YELLOW BALLOT = YELLOW ENVELOPE). Ballot papers which are not on the prescribed form, ballot papers which are torn and ballot papers which are not inserted in the official envelope are also invalid.

Mayor's documents

Notification of the number and locations of polling stations

Convening of the 1st meeting of the precinct election commission

Notification of training for members of the precinct election commission whose participation in the training is mandatory

Notice to voters of the time and place of the 2022 elections