There are a total of three public barbecue areas in our village:

  • On the meadow by the pond
  • In Prince Philip's Alley by the retention basin
  • At BIOCEV in Průmyslova Street

If there is no free barbecue area in the meadow by the pond, try to use another one.

The priority right to use the barbecue area applies only to events organised by the municipality of Vestec, as well as events that are duly authorized by the Vestec Municipal Office and the organizers have paid the fee for taking public space (e.g. weddings). An overview of planned cultural events can be found in Calendar of events. In most cases, events organized or permitted by the municipality of Vestec take place on the meadow near the stage, other two barbecue areas can be used for private purposes.


Reservation of the barbecue area for private events is not possible. Posting signs requesting private reservations is undesirable and may be considered illegal and fined accordingly. Please do not destroy municipal property.


Please observe the following rules when using a public barbecue area:


Thank you for maintaining cleanliness and order.