Vestec Community Garden

We are still offering the last available raised beds. Contact the garden manager.


In the first year of the garden's operation, a trial run will take place, which will then be evaluated by the municipality and the conditions of the garden's operation (operating rules, price list, etc.) may be adjusted for the next period.

Do you want to try growing edible crops and don't have the space yourself? Are you a beginner in growing crops, or are you an experienced grower and want to share your success with others? Do you want to participate in building a neighbourhood community within a shared garden?

The new Vestec Community Garden is here for you too.


It can be found on the southern edge of the village, specifically on the land between Lipová, Ve Stromkách and Máchova streets. The entrance is from Lipová Street, at the intersection next to the garage, see map. If necessary, it will also be possible to use barrier-free access from Máchova Street in the future.

What's it like here?

Community Garden members can rent raised bed with standard dimensions 200 cm (l) x 100 cm (w) x 61/46 cm (h) incl. soil for growing and composting purposes, and to use facilities and common areas of the Community Garden including tool storage, kitchen, toilet, furniture or play elements.

Fig. - Schematic representation of the layout of the Community Garden


Before sending applications for membership Please read the related documents thoroughly, especially the operating and visitor regulations, which can be found below under the Important documents tab. This is not a formality, as adherence to these rules will be very important to the functioning of the community in the shared garden space.

The application for membership in Round 2 could be submitted electronically until 15 May 2024 by filling in of this short questionnaire or in person at the Municipal Office, the membership application form can be downloaded below. As not all beds have been filled, applicants can still apply. Use the questionnaire above or contact the community garden manager directly.

Important documents

Operating Rules of the Community Garden

Community Garden Membership Terms and Conditions

Community Garden membership price list for 2024

Community Garden Membership Application

FAQ or Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns and operates the garden?

The owner and operator of the Vestec Community Garden is the municipality of Vestec and the operation is in the charge of an authorized administrator.

Who is the Vestec Community Garden for?

Citizens of the municipality of Vestec who have their permanent residence here. Further conditions of membership are given here. The typical target group of all community gardens are people interested in eating healthy and fresh produce, who want to try what they can grow themselves. Regardless of whether they are parents of young children or active seniors, the garden space will also be used for networking among neighbors, for neighborhood gatherings.

Why is the community garden area fenced off and chip-accessed?

There is a specific regime in the community garden area, which must be followed. Since the citizens will grow their own crops in rented boxes and there are also facilities including other equipment, the area must be sufficiently protected against possible vandalism and other undesirable phenomena. Entry chips will therefore be available to registered members. The garden area is monitored by the camera system of the Municipal Police Vestec.

How much does it cost to rent a raised bed and what does the price include?

The price is determined by the price list set by the municipal council for the growing season. The price for growing members includes not only the use of the raised bed including soil, but also the use of the garden facilities including common areas, toilets and kitchen, not only for the community garden member, but also for other household members or accompanying persons. The price also includes water and electricity consumption.

Will those who do not grow there have access to the garden space?

Yes it will, but not without limitations. This is a "C" membership, which will be conditional on the purchase of a chip access card and will not be available until six months after the community garden is operational. In addition to its growing function, the community garden will also serve as a neighborhood gathering place. Various community and municipal events will be held there over time, and the public will have access to these events. We want the community garden to be a venue for neighborhood festivals and other events, not only between members but also with other neighbors.

Can I lend my entry chip to someone else?

Yes, a community garden member holding an entry chip can lend the chip to another person they trust, e.g. members of a shared household. This applies, for example, to the need to water a growing space in the absence of the member.

How can I become a registered member of the Community Garden?

The municipality will always announce the possibility to apply for membership before the start of the growing season and citizens will be able to submit their applications (electronically or on paper at the office of the municipal office) within the given time. After paying the fee and agreeing to the operating rules, they will then become members and enjoy all the benefits of membership. 

Does it get to all applicants automatically?

This is unfortunately not possible due to capacity reasons. The garden has a total capacity of 42 raised beds for rent. Should interest exceed capacity for a given year, a draw will be held and successful applicants will become members, others will become alternates. Depending on the development of interest in the community garden amongst residents, the municipality will adjust its strategy for the following season to accommodate any increased interest.

What rules will apply within the garden?

The rules are defined in the garden's operating rules and other guidelines agreed upon by the members. Similarly to the playgrounds in Vestec, it is not possible to enter the garden with dogs, even on a leash (the dog can be tied up in the designated place by the gate). Furthermore, it is necessary to observe the ban on smoking cigarettes and tobacco outside the designated area, because we want to be considerate towards non-smokers and especially children.

What other activities will members be able to do in the garden?

Growing crops is an essential but not the only function of any good community garden. For example, there will be a children's water feature for the youngest gardeners on hot summer days. It will be possible to roast marshmallows on the fire pit or just sit with neighbours under the covered pergola in case of bad weather. We intend to hold various professional workshops on growing or composting and other community and municipal events, to which the public will also have access.

I want to grow but I am a complete beginner and I don't know what to do, can anyone give me some advice?

Within the community, we will help each other and pass on our experience, because the garden is not only for experienced growers, but we also welcome enthusiastic beginners who want to grow their first tomato or zucchini and will not be discouraged by any failures. We will be holding expert workshops where you can share your growing experiences and learn more about growing from the experts.

Is there water available in the garden for watering?

Yes, there is drinking water available from the mains water supply, and the beds are watered mainly from watering cans. At the same time, rainwater irrigation is planned.

Do I have to have my gardening tools?

It's better that way. Basic gardening tools will be available in the garden, mainly for the maintenance of the common areas of the garden. Each member who rents a raised bed will also have a place to store their own small tools in the common storage area.

Is there a composter in the garden for disposing of bio-waste?

Yes, the garden will not only have a container for the so-called bio-waste, which is taken to the composting plant, but also small composters for direct composting, because composting definitely belongs in every good community garden.



For news from the community garden, planned events and links to events, please visit our own Facebook profile of the garden.

You will also be able to find the events organised in the community garden in the official calendar of the municipality under the tab Events in the village.


Important contacts:

Operator: Vestec Municipality, Vestecká 3, 252 50 Vestec, tel. 313 035 501 (during office hours), email:

Community Garden Manager: Roman Fritschka, tel. 605 255 509, email:

Municipal Police Vestec: tel. 739 156 156 (nonstop), email:,