TJ Viktoria Vestec Sports Centre (SC TJVV)


The playground and operational building are intended for public use and are set aside for school, sports, social and commercial use at certain times by agreement.

Smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the centre building and the restaurant building has been smoke-free since 1.1.2012.

The centre is intended for sports and social activities in the form of:

  • small football
  • big football
  • football
  • Volleyball
  • table tennis (2 tables)
  • Exercise
  • session
  • Exhibitions
  • social games
  • social events
  • outdoor gym
  • workout gym

Sports facilities and centre facilities:

  • multifunctional playground in the hall (size 15m x 30m )
  • grass football pitch (55m x 93m)
  • exercise hall with mirrors (125m)2, capacity max. 25 people, the hall has a quality sound system, 10 folding tables and 20 benches)
  • lounge with kitchenette (37m)2+10m2 capacity max. 25 persons, TV, video, projector)
  • changing rooms (total size 70m2, 3 changing rooms, capacity 25 persons/changing room)
  • showers (two showers)
  • toilets (three toilets)
  • vending machine - for free water
  • sports equipment (balls, cones, mats, nets, jerseys, hurdles, flags, goals...)
  • Non-smoking restaurant (capacity approx. 50 persons), summer garden (capacity 30 persons), ,
  • car park behind the Sports Centre (capacity 35 cars)
  • bicycle parking at the entrance to the premises (capacity 47 bicycles) - no bicycles allowed in the centre
  • outdoor gym for the public free of charge


Map of the sports centre, Operating rules

Map of the sports centre

Detailed operating rules of the TJ Viktoria Vestec Sports Centre

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