The village of Vestec is situated on the plain and is a link between Prague and the adjacent municipalities of Jesenice, Hodkovice and Zdiměřice.

This location attracts a large number of cyclists for rides outside Prague and also to visit our village.

These are mostly recreational activities and a friendly refreshment and rest in several local pubs or at Vestecky pond is always welcome. Our village is widely used for a last refreshment before returning to the capital.

Popular travel directions include: 

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Tips for bike trips for families with children

Route 1 (total approx. 18 km) - a small circuit around the area - We will go along Vestecká towards the golf tee and the Průhonice Park, along which we will get to Kocanda. At Kocanda we will cross the road past the mill and start climbing up to Hornoirčany forest. We pass the motorway bypass and we are already in the forest. In the forest we make a small circle connected with crossing a ford (it is possible to cross the footbridge) and we are at the biggest climb to the Osnitsa cherry tree. Then we get back to Osnice and join the road around the Průhonice Park, which will lead us to the village of Rozkoš. Here you can have a snack in the restaurant at Procházků. From here we go along the cycle path to Hrnčíř and around the Hrnčíř pond we return along the dirt road to the Vestecký pond, here the trip ends.

The map of the trip is here.

Difficulty 1.

Route 2 (approx. 36 km in total) - to the confluence of the Vltava and Sázava rivers - from Vestec we take the road to Hodkovice, cross the Prague bypass and through Hodkovice, Zlatníky we get to the hill above Libeř, where the soldiers are. We turn right and get behind them on the road between the cottages. From here we drive through beautiful forest scenery to Okrouhl, where we join the road to Záhořany. In Záhořany it is possible to have a snack in a pub and then we will go to the Záhořany valley, where there is really beautiful nature, a forest path and lots of fords that make the trip a real experience. This way we will get to Libřice, where we will join the Sázava River and go along it to the Pitkovice Bridge. From here we climb a really big hill to Petrov, where we have to hit a left turn, which leads again to Záhořanský forest. From Záhořany we return along the road to Okrouhl, Libeň, Zlatník, Hodkovice and Vestec.

The map of the trip is Here.

Difficulty 3. 

Tips for hiking trips for families with children

Route 1 (total approx. 10 km) - a visit to the Průhonice Game Reserve, or Průhonice Park. The distance to the ticket office is 3.6 km.

Map of the trip here.

Route 2 (total 3.8 km) - Vestec circuit, beginning at the pond - Hrnčíře - retention tank - Vestec.

Map of the trip here.

Route 3 (total 5.5 km) - a trip to the Zdiměřice chapel. 

Map of the trip here.

Route 4 (total 1 km) - The trail around the Vestecký Pond starts at the pub on the playground.

Map of the trip here.

Route 5 (total 10 km) - Hiking trip to the Posázava Trail. 

By car from Vestec to Modřany to the train station, then by train to Petrov (about 30min). After the red marker, walk about 10km to Kamenný přívoz. There is only one snack stand along the way, we recommend taking snacks and drinks with you. From Kamenný přívoz back by train to Modřany and return by car to Vestec. The trip is a full day trip, even children will miss it. 

Map of the trip Here.