Measures of a general nature - derogatory procedure for killing the Great Cormorant

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The Regional Authority of the Central Bohemian Region, Department of Environment and Agriculture, as the nature protection authority with substantive and local competence, establishes a deviating procedure for killing the Great Cormorant in order to prevent serious damage to fisheries and for the purpose of wildlife protection in the territory of the Central Bohemian Region outside the Kokořínsko-Máchův kraj, Blaník, Křivoklátsko, Český ráj, Brdy, Český kras and outside the territory of the National Nature Reserve and National Park and all their protection zones.

The derogation procedure provided for by this general nature measure may be applied in the period from 1 August 2022 to 31 March 2023 if at least one flock of 5 or more cormorants is present in the administrative area of the locally competent SPA, either on the move or during wintering, and if the land use is in accordance with the attached measure.

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