Public notice - Announcement of the commencement of the procedure for the issuance of changes to Wave V of the Citywide Significant Changes to the Urban Settlement Unit of the City of Prague and the public hearing on the assessment of the impacts on the sustainable development of the territory

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City Hall. The City of Prague, Department of Urban Development, informs about the initiation of the procedure for the issuance of amendments Z 2842/00, Z 2846/00, Z 2847/00, Z 2850/00, Z 2880/00, Z 2889/00, Z 2903/00, Z 2908/00, Z 2909/00, Z 2920/00, Z 2937/00, Z 2939/00, Z 2940/00, Z 2941/00, Z 2942/00, Z 2945/00, Z 2948/00, Z 2949/00, Z 2964/00, Z 2975/00 of the Zoning Plan of the Capital City of Prague (hereinafter referred to as "Zoning Plan Amendments") by announcing a public hearing on the draft Zoning Plan Amendment. At the same time, the documentation of the assessment of the effects of the Plan Amendment on the sustainable development of the territory (hereinafter referred to as "SADP") is issued and discussed. The public hearing will take place on 22 September 2022 at 12:00 at CAMP - amphitheatre, Vyšehradská 51, Prague 2 and at the same time also via on-line streaming videoconference.

The complete draft of the UDP Amendment and the complete proposal for the issuance of the UDP Amendment in the form of a measure of a general nature and the documentation of the UDP will be available for inspection on the website Opinions (concerned authorities and the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic), comments (anyone can submit comments) and objections (land owners, authorised investors and representatives of the public) can be submitted in writing, electronically or via data box until 29 September 2022 inclusive. To make comments, the following can be used system for spatial planning support.

Public Notice - Notice of commencement of the Wave V amendment procedure.pdf