VV - Measures of general nature of the Ministry of Agriculture according to the Forest Act

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The Ministry of Agriculture, as the central authority of the State Forest Administration, is competent under the provisions of Section 49(2)(e) of Act No. 289/1995 Coll, 17110/2020-MZE_16212 of 2.4.2020, as amended by the general nature measure No. MZE-49892/2021-16212 of 14.9.2021.

From 1.1.2023, the general nature measure will be in force in this complete version:

  1. In forests in the territory of the Czech Republic, with the exception of forests in national parks and their protection zones, it is stipulated that a clearing created on forest land as a result of accidental logging must be reforested within 5 years and the forest stands on it must be secured within 10 years of its creation;
  2. In the forests in the territory consisting of the cadastral areas listed in Annex 1 to this general nature measure, which is an integral part thereof:

2.1. it is permitted to leave unforested strips up to 5 m wide, one from the other at a distance appropriate to the size, terrain and other conditions of the area to be afforested, but at least 20 m, when afforesting calamity clearings with a continuous area of more than 2 ha, and where the calamity clearing forms the edge of the forest, it is permitted to leave an unforested strip up to 5 m wide to form the forest cover;

2.2. it shall be stipulated that if the forest owner leaves the strip or strips referred to in point 2.1. unforested, these strips shall be considered to be free of forest and their area may be reduced by the area to be reforested within the area of the clearing.


Annex No. 1 - list of affected cadastral areas.pdf