Witches are not disturbed, although open fires cannot be lit due to the warning

Tomorrow we will be happy to see you in the meadow behind the pond at the traditional event Witches in Vestec. The lighting of large fires is forbidden due to the risk of fires, but it will not spoil our joy. You will be able to roast the sausages on grills.

You can look forward to a photo booth, a performance by the Sympa majorettes from Vestec, Anna Julia Slováčková and her band and a performance by the band Turbo! 

For children, there is a Witches' Trail with tasks from 4 pm and a mask parade after 7 pm, during which we will award all children in costumes.

There will also be a wide range of refreshments and drinks on tap in returnable cups. Refundable cups will be issued only at a single dispensing stand against a refundable deposit of 50 CZK/pc.. Please have adequate cash on hand to purchase a returnable cup. Thank you.