Farm products - every Saturday in Vestec

From 13 July you can again every Saturday morning buy farm products from Kott's Mill in our community garden in Máchova Street. The products for sale are mainly home-made meat products (ham, sausages, smoked sausages, pâté, lard, canned meat), potatoes, onions, pasta, honey, eggs and poultry meat (on request). You can find the complete offer and price list on the Facebook page of Kott's Mill in Březnice or in the comments on our Facebook page.

The animals live on the Kottův mlýn farm in free range, so they have a healthy environment and plenty of exercise, and they grow without antibiotics or growth hormones. Together, the quality of the meat and eggs thus achieved provides the basis for creating the final products according to traditional family recipes handed down for generations.
Do not hesitate to try the products.