Commission for the Environment

The work of the Vestec Environmental Commission is:

1. To take care of the greenery and environment in the village.
2. To cooperate with the Vestec municipality in the landscaping of public spaces.
3. Monitor together with the Vestec municipal authority the condition of the municipal vegetation, propose necessary measures.
4. To control the maintenance of watercourse beds in the municipality and to propose necessary modifications.
5. Provide the necessary expert information for projects significantly affecting the environment.
6. Organize the disposal of black dumps and other environmental burdens in the municipality.
7. To cooperate with the Vestec municipal authority in dealing with requests, complaints and applications from citizens concerning the environment.
8. To control, if possible, the business entities that are the most burdensome to the environment in the municipality and its vicinity.
9. to cooperate with the Vestec municipality to reduce noise and emissions from increasing traffic load, especially from the Prague ring road


  • short-term - requests and complaints from citizens, control of entities polluting the environment, offences
  • medium - development and maintenance of green areas
  • long-term - impact of transport on the environment - noise, emissions - screening

Downloadable documents produced by the Commission for the Environment

Instructions for felling trees

Environmental organisations

Environmental law

KŽP's statement on the Vestecká spojce


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Annex No. 1 design of greenery by the pond - material solution

Annex No. 2 design of the greenery by the pond - planting solution

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