Summer of Grace II - a chance to get rid of debts

If you are in a difficult situation due to unpaid debts, you now have a unique opportunity to pay only the remaining principal of your debt (i.e. the original debt without interest, penalties, etc.) by 30 November and pay a fee of CZK 1,815 to the bailiff, which is usually significantly less than the original amount recovered. Other costs such as interest and penalties will be forgiven.

Grace Summer II applies to foreclosures initiated before October 28, 2021 due to debts owed to:

  • state, local governments, cities, authorities,
  • state funds and contributory organisations, public schools,
  • municipal, state and parastatal companies (e.g. CEZ, Czech Railways or transport companies),
  • health insurance companies, state hospitals,
  • Czech Radio or Czech Television.


The Summer of Grace II refers to two situations:

  • Have you already paid the principal and the amount corresponding to the bailiff's fixed costs by 31 August 2022, or will you pay this amount during the Grace Summer II. Ask the bailiff to start the process under the Grace Summer II legislation by registered letter by 30 November 2022.
  • If you have not yet paid the principal of the debt and the bailiff's fee, ask the bailiff by registered letter to quantify the principal and send payment details and make payment of these amounts (principal + CZK 1,815). Once the debt has been paid, the bailiff will stop the execution and exempt you from paying the rest of the debt.

For more information and a sample letter to the bailiff, see, or call toll-free: 770 600 800.

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