Graduation concert - history

Graduation concert of Lukáš Jindřich 2010

Let me briefly return to times recently past. On January 5 of this year, the Graduation Concert of our fellow citizen Lukáš Jindřich, conductor and choirmaster of the children's choir Bambini di Praga, took place in the Church of St. Simon and Jude. I believe that everyone who attended this concert had an extraordinary experience.

The opening entrance of the choir to the stage was interesting. Members of the choir walked from the back of the church with candles in their hands singing a one-voice piece called Tedeum. The concert itself opened with two a capella pieces to Latin sacred texts, written by the choirmaster himself, Lukáš Jindřich.

This was followed by a cycle by the English composer Benjamin Britten for children's choir with harp accompaniment - A Ceremony of Carols (Praise Carols). Lukáš Jindřich invited the most famous Czech and European harpist Jana Boušková to collaborate on this cycle. The cycle consists of a total of eleven movements, which are very contrasting in terms of tempo, dynamics and expression. It was therefore very interesting for the audience. The whole cycle was interpreted in a very colourful, almost magical way, with great professionalism and I think that the choir managed to express the musical essence of this work.

A very popular composer of choirmaster Lukáš Jindřich is Zdeněk Lukáš, so his graduation concert could not miss compositions by this well-known Czech author. The first of them was Amicitia with piano accompaniment performed by Lenka Navrátilová, who regularly works with the choir.

The last piece of the concert - Tres canti studiozorum performed by the Bambini di Praga Choir and the Prague Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra was the icing on the cake. It is a challenging piece, but very attractive and effective. The joy and enthusiasm of each of the performers was evident and the result was absolutely perfect. Listening to it gave me chills.

After the final note, the completely filled church (with three buses of Vestec citizens) rewarded all the performers with a thunderous ovation and a standing ovation.

We wish Lukáš Jindřich many more successes, many more full concert halls and we believe that we will have many more opportunities to see such beautiful concerts, of course under his leadership.