Nálevna - history

Funnel on the playground

The next sitting with a golden drink awaits us in the pub on the playground of Viktoria Vestec. Compared to the last mentioned, this one is only a teenager at its age.

Although the playground is a sports facility, it is also the focus of social life. Athletes, fans, children and their parents gather here. After a game, it is necessary to replenish missing calories, replenish lost fluids. Nervous fans need to calm down, discuss the game played or drink away the grief after a lost fight.

Thus, at the beginning of the 90s, an idea was born, which was immediately implemented. In addition to the cabins, other facilities began to be built. First as a refreshment place during sports activities, then the offer grew and even for a while hot meals were served in the pub. However, the managers changed and the quality of service changed.

This year has seen a significant step forward. The pub "On the Playground" is alive and well. You can sip the frothy drink on the outdoor terrace, watch training sessions, matches, cultural children's meetings, but also inside, where you can witness, for example, a sports broadcast on the big screen.

Since our tour of Vestec pubs is over, it only remains for me to add that the last restaurants I want to mention are the restaurant and motel "U Krbu", which is located on Vienna Street and has been serving the public since 2001, and the restaurant "Na Blatech", which is located in the industrial zone.

Blanka Pašková, chronicler