Maple fire - history

Fire in an apartment building in Maple Street

On 26 December 2009 at 03:14 a.m. a fire in an apartment building in Javorová Street was reported to the Fire Brigade Operations Centre. Firefighters from the Fire Brigade Jílové u Prahy, as well as volunteer firefighters from Jílové u Prahy, Zvole, Průhonice, Dolní Jirčany, Zlatník and Osnice were called to intervene.

After the arrival of a professional firefighting team from Jílovy, two people were rescued from the balcony using a ladder and a reconnaissance of the building and firefighting started. During the survey, a person without signs of life was found, who was handed over to the rescue service, which stated death. In the course of the firefighting work, another occupant of the house was found, who was also without signs of life and the rescue service also pronounced him dead.

During the intervention, one intervening firefighter was slightly injured.

The cause of the fire has not been determined, the damage was in the order of millions of CZK.

In addition to the firefighters, the intervention was also attended by members of the Police of the Czech Republic, the Municipal Police of Černošice, the Municipal Police of Jesenice, and the ambulance crews of Říčany and Jesenice, all of whom are to be thanked for their help in dealing with this tragic event.

The municipality helped the residents affected by the fire financially by paying for the delivery of containers and approved the provision of financial assistance in the amount of CZK 30,000 for each housing unit affected by the fire.