Restaurant Siesta - history

The youngest restaurant in Vestec

Many of the street names in our village were created quite simply, prosaically. Lipova, because it is beautified by lime trees, In the marshes there was probably never much drought, Krátká because you can cross it in a few minutes. But why we have Hops Street in Vestec, I've been wondering. I have an explanation. There are no hops turning anywhere, but there is a frothy, golden liquid, spiced with hops. Where? At the Siesta Restaurant and Guest House.

Some time ago I presented a small series on these pages about the Vestec hospitality industry. It presented pubs that are defunct or almost forgotten, but also others that are thriving. However, I did not pay much attention to the newly established ones. Today I am correcting that.

The last one in Vestec, which was opened in February this year, is the above mentioned restaurant. It is within sight and reach of the main road, yet somewhat hidden among the new housing developments and trees.

Sometime at the end of the last century, the idea of building a pub was born in Petr Babický's head. He was not the only one who thought of it. His friend Bohumil Strnad supported him in this idea. They both put their heads together, rolled up their sleeves and forgot for a long time that there are rest days and holidays. A millennium passed and almost ten years passed before the idea became real.

And what does Siesta offer us?

In addition to the taproom and hot kitchen, there is also an accommodation area consisting of one suite and several multi-bedded rooms. The accommodation is currently used as a hostel for construction workers.


Blanka Pašková, chronicler