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Restaurant U Klimešů

When you look at the menu in the U Klimešů inn, you will surely be impressed by the mention of when this inn was founded, in addition to the menu, which includes ready meals, snacks, specialties of Czech and international cuisine. It is the second oldest inn in Vestec and it is located on Vestecká Street, approximately halfway along its length. It has been commemorated since 1892. It was started by Mr. František Klimeš - a tavern keeper and butcher. As was customary, the trade was inherited from father to son, and this was the case until the tragic year 1941. Then, after the assassination of the main protector R. Heydrich, an unprecedented terror occurred in our occupied country. Sad lists of those executed filled the pages of the daily press. Three Vestec citizens, among them Mr. František Klimeš, were also among the victims of the Nazi horror. However, even after this tragic period, the inn in the middle of the village did not lose its name at all, only its only successor, his son Jaroslav, was somewhat young. He was only two when he lost his father. The management of the inn (the butcher's shop was closed down) was taken over by the widow Mrs. Marie Klimešová.

At the time when our country was being transformed into a socialist country, the pub recognized many other inns, only the outdoor sign did not change the name. It wasn't until the 1990s that the establishment returned to its rightful owner, and it still does.

If we want to take a look inside the inn, we can see, besides the traditional furnishings with commemorative pictures, the hall and the stage, which served not only the theatre muses, but for a time also local football players. There was a time when our footballers had to change into their jerseys in the pub, then go out to fight and sweat on the green turf, and after the game they had to return to the pub again to change. After the cabins were built on the pitch, then one route to the Klimeš footballers was eliminated.

In addition to the aforementioned hall, the restaurant offers the intimacy of a side lounge or, if the weather cooperates, we can sit in the outdoor terrace, which in summer is decorated with richly blooming geraniums. The terrace is now glazed and declared non-smoking.

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Blanka Pašková, chronicler