Retention tank - history

Retention tank

Later today this page will be dedicated to water, which in a way influences life in Vestec. I will turn my attention to the retention tank, which is located under the wastewater treatment plant on the Vestec stream, north of our village. It is located above the border of the Hrnčíř and Vestec cadastres and is built in such a way as to disturb the natural landscape as little as possible. The surrounding greenery, mature trees confirm this fact. It is a small flow-through reservoir and its main task is to slow down the flow of the Vestec and Hodkovice brooks so that the conditions on the Kunratice brook, which is on the cadastre of the capital, are disturbed as little as possible.

So what is its purpose? First and foremost, retention, protection, against floods. Undoubtedly, the second reason is also important. It retains water in the landscape, i.e. it has a storage function. It improves the quality of the water in the Vestec stream (purification purpose) and last but not least, it has a landscape purpose - it contributes to improving the appearance of the surrounding landscape. The mature willow tree that stands on a small island near the stone, earthen dam is a proof of this. A few more interesting figures. The flow-through retention reservoir has a permanent water surface area of 4,260m2, an average depth of 0.6m, a retention volume of 7,900 m3, the elevation of the spillway edge is 305.8m above sea level and the entire construction was completed in 2004.

So when you think about where to go for a bike ride or a walk with your dog, take a look at these parts of our village.

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Blanka Pašková, chronicler