Road construction 1906 - history

Road construction 1906

How the shoemakers of Říčany caused the Vestecans to build the road. We can start today with such a slightly exaggerated introduction.

The reality was that 100 years ago the roadway crossing Vestec was in such a desperate condition that the shoemakers going to the market from Říčany to Zbraslav called the Vestec board of directors all sorts of things, but in any case they did not sing its praises.

In 1906, when Ant. Hrubý, the road construction was started. The section of the road, which emerged from the Imperial (Budějovice) road, was about 1.5 km long, led through the village and after several sharp turns ended at the crossroads between Hrnčíř and Zdiměřice. Engineers from the Provincial Committee carried out the routing. Subsidies were provided by the county administration (40%) and the district (20%). Stone and gravel were quarried at the quarry "Na znamení". The extracted material was transported by the Vestec people themselves (according to the area) to the designated place, free of charge. You are probably wondering when the work was completed. Unfortunately, the chronicler did not disclose this information. However, he mentions a serious accident of Mr. Václav Švarc, which could have been almost fatal. While breaking the stone, he was buried by an unexpected landslide of the top soil. After that he was incapacitated for a long time and was an invalid. So much for the road.

Today, road builders would probably look askance at the rows of vehicles that pass through the village every day, park along the roadway or are in the garages of our homes. However-they are to be commended for the tremendous hard work and immense effort with which they undertook such a significant piece of work.


Blanka Pašková, chronicler