The Westecky Breeders' Association

This section will belong to the presentation of one of the active organizations, which brings together not only the breeders from Vestec, but also those from the surrounding area. For example, from Jesenice, Prague, Dolní Brezany, Libeň, Psár and other places. This is the Czech Breeders Association Vestec. It has a total of 25 members and from the local ones I would like to mention Pavel Pekárek, Libor Drahoš, Josef Hašpl, Josef Skřivan and the husband and wife team of Antonín and Květa Vrňatov. Under the current leadership of Ing. Otakar Janeba.

The Union has been in operation since 1969. Breeding has a long tradition in the region and those enthusiasts who have fallen into this hobby currently visit, for example, the breeding markets that are regularly held every Sunday in Prague - Kunratice.

Older years will remember that similar meetings have already been held in Vestec. Either in front of the pub "U Klimešů" or in the place of today's playground. Among the organizers who are no longer alive today were Josef Frouz, Jaroslav Habětín, Václav Mášek, Ota Vojtěchovský and others. And if the date for the fair or the festival came up, this event turned into a large gathering of people, which gave the opportunity for many pleasant meetings. Because of the great interest, sometimes the fairs were even two days long. Then there was nothing to do but to spend the night with the colourful and varied domestic vermin housed in cages and aviaries.

If we take a closer look at the activities of our breeders, we can see that they have to devote a lot of time to their hobby, whether they breed pigeons, rabbits, poultry or pheasants, chickens. They then present their breeding results at frequent exhibitions and I have to confirm that they are deservedly rewarded for their efforts many times. In their home showcases, trophies and honorary awards glitter. The latest success of the Vestec organization is the recent victory at the district breeding show in Hostivice. In addition to the exhibitions, we can also meet our small animal fans at their ball, which is held annually at the Cultural Centre in Jesenice.

What to say in conclusion? The organisation is not a contributory organisation, so it enjoys the support of sponsors such as JIVA Jirák or the Dolní Břežany Owners' Cooperative, where breeding shows are held every autumn. The organisers will certainly invite you to it every year. The Association also welcomes new members to its ranks.