Culture in Vestec

Every year, various cultural events are organized in the village, the realization of which is taken care of by Cultural Commission Working Group in cooperation with Technical services of the municipality of Vestec and with the help of local associations. The main cultural centre is the sports ground and the nearby recreation meadow with an outdoor stage behind the Vestec pond. The range of cultural events is truly varied.

Overview of traditional events

The first spring event is usually Mardi Gras, a merry parade of wondrous masqueraders, led by the Masopust, who take over the village for one afternoon. The parade sets off from the sports ground and along Vestecká and Průběná Street tastes treats, especially from the old villagers. There is usually another accompanying programme for children and adults at the sports ground.

Another traditional event is Witch burning with an accompanying programme for children and a concert for adults in the meadow behind the pond and on the outdoor stage.

In the spring there is also a festival Welcoming of Citizens, at which each new citizen born in the village of Vestec will be personally welcomed by the mayor and will present the child and his parents with small gifts. The celebration is held in the premises of the kindergarten Vestec.

At the beginning of June we can't miss the celebrations in Vestec Children's Day with a rich programme for all ages.

The end of the school year makes it more pleasant for children Children's Olympicsorganized by TJ Viktoria Vestec and RC Baráček on the football field. Children from 5 years to 14 years compete in several sports disciplines in individual categories according to age. The Olympic torch and the Olympic flag complete the true Olympic atmosphere.

At the end of the holiday season is a traditional event Farewell to summer, mostly themed afternoons with activities for children and a concert or performance for adults. A large event for all Vestec residents attracts hundreds of visitors each year.

Another favourite event for the citizens of Vestec is the PumpkinPlay, an autumn meeting over pumpkin carving and pumpkin delicacies. The competition for the prettiest pumpkin always has several dozen participants.

As Advent approaches, three traditional and popular events await the people of Vestec every year - first Christmas tree lighting on the first Sunday of Advent and the Christmas market and Advent concert, St. Nicholas Day party for children at the Motel U krbu, and on Christmas Eve The Light of Bethlehem - pre-Christmas festive gathering of Vestec inhabitants over a mulled wine, a mushroom cube and a Christmas concert. People can take home the Bethlehem light as a symbol of peace and tranquillity.


Other events in the village Vestec

In addition to the large traditional events organized by the municipal office, Vestec associations also organize various activities for their target groups. In the course of the year, for example. Children's Exchange or outdoor events for children (RC Baráček), in autumn Locking the pond with a lantern parade, in the spring Morning Morning, the celebration of Family Day and the garden festival Farewell to preschoolers (Kindergarten Vestec), in summer Summer cinema (firefighters), fishing competitions Vestecký kapr and Kaprmaraton (Vestec fishermen), methodical exercise of medical teams SOS Extreme (Association of Volunteer Rescuers, z.s.) or youth firefighting competitions Vestec waterman (JSDH Vestec).