Working Group - Commission for Culture

The group's task is to prepare and implement cultural events for you - our citizens, families, friends, neighbours of all ages, especially for our children, for whom we would like to make their childhood more pleasant and fill it with lots of wonderful experiences and memories. In an age full of virtual activities, we want to give them the opportunity to meet together in one place and at one time, to form real friendships or just to spend quality time with their loved ones.

What does working in a group involve?

It all starts with detailed planning and distribution of tasks among the group members. The length of preparation varies according to the nature of the event. Sometimes it is a few weeks, other times it is necessary to plan months in advance. But everything is prepared for you with the utmost care - implementation of the program, production of decorations, provision of refreshments, permits, interaction with the municipal police, sound system and much more. The technical part of the events such as tents, seating, electricity, design and printing of posters, collection of things, but also the devil is taken care of by the Technical Services of the Municipality of Vestec, p.o..

We try to provide the maximum using our own strength and abilities, but because there are events we are short on time, we welcome volunteers to help usOh.

You are our inspiration, we are interested in what you would like to see happening in the village or vice versa, so do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas or offers of help by email

We are glad that you are lenient with us and so you can overlook some of the shortcomings and allow us to improve with each action. We are dedicated to culture in our free moments between our duties at work or on parental leave.

For those interested in sponsorship or establishing closer cooperation, we are ready to offer space for your advertising, make your company visible at public events, where you have the opportunity to reach a wide local public of all ages and gain new clients or partners.

The municipality spends considerable funds on culture in Vestec annually, it is our duty to use these funds or donations from sponsors sparingly and economically, we do so with discretion and in accordance with the law.

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


Members of the Cultural Commission

Anna Cajthamlová

Chair of the Working Group

She is a manager, an amazing decorator, loves flower arranging, wedding arrangements and all other activities related to any kind of decoration, a great hobby is also the garden and the biggest one is Hugo the cat. In culture, he is the heart of everything beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

tel: +420 733 550 311

Bc. Radka Vávrová

Representative and member

She is a regional manager, enjoys travelling and getting to know different cultures, theatre, reading. She likes nice people and social activities. Besides culture for Vestec, she is also a municipal councillor. She has been in municipal politics since 2010 and used to be a member of the control committee.

Dana Zemanová

Representative and member

She works in a kindergarten in Vestec, she loves children and they love her. She is responsible and caring in her work, she has been involved in culture for many years and thus ensures that things are done in the traditional spirit. She is a very sociable and happy person, so you can only expect a smile on her face.

Ing. Kateřina Novotná


In her professional life, she is responsible for staff development and the organisation of training events. She has an endless list of hobbies that she pursues with integrity. She enjoys any "hands on" activities, enjoys travel, books, movies and recreational sports among other things, she also plays golf regularly. She is a very diligent, hardworking and caring member of the culture.

Mgr. Kateřina Haladová


She is a municipal clerk, former head of the Vestec family centre for parents with young children. She therefore has extensive experience in preparing programmes especially for children of all ages. In her spare time, she enjoys wandering in nature, photography and creative activities. She is a diligent and responsible member of our working group and a documentary filmmaker.

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