School bus

Thursday 30.6.2022 (on the day of the report card) the morning bus will run unchanged, the afternoon connection will leave Prague at 12:30.

In the following school year, pupils in grades 1 and 2 can again use the morning school bus. As of 29 August, it will be possible to sign contracts in the municipal office. Children from the 3rd grade can apply for unfilled places. There will be only one bus operating to serve all existing stops. Departure times to be determined.

Other pupils can use line 326, which runs 4 times in the morning to the stop at the Campanus Primary School "U Kunratického lesa". One of these connections (departing at 6:52 from the Municipal Office) is dispatched from the stop Vestec, Biocev, it does not serve Jesenice and its capacity should be sufficient for Vestec schoolchildren.