How the SMS information system works

The SMS information system is a solution that simplifies communication between the Municipal Office and citizens. The system allows the Municipal Office to send information SMS messages (for example, to residents of the municipality or municipal management) individually or in bulk and to receive replies sent back to a central telephone number. +420 720 001 676.

We inform you that we process the following personal data within the SMS info: name and surname in connection with the street of the municipality of Vestce. We process this personal data in order to provide better information to the citizens of Vestec - i.e. because of the legitimate interest of the Municipality of Vestec. We process personal data in the SMSinfo database system until you ask us to delete the phone number from this database system. Further information regarding the processing of personal data can be found at here.

This service is mainly used to send information about traffic restrictions, water closures, power cuts, invitations to cultural and sporting events, etc. 

More than 350 families are already involved in the system. 

Benefits systemu

  • Streamlining communication with citizens or municipal administration (e.g. sending mass alerts to citizens in case of emergency situations)
  • Possibility to register/unsubscribe citizens to the system (using a defined message, citizens can decide for themselves if they want to receive messages.
  • Personalized system settings for the municipal office (customized list of contacts, groups of recipients)
  • A single central number through which communication takes place (i.e. citizens do not have to deal with whom send a message and to what number)

Subscribe / unsubscribe to information:

Automatically processed registration and unsubscription of citizens to receive information from the municipal office is done by "self-registration". The registration will be matched with the citizen's permanent residence and in case of compliance, authorized by the Municipal Authority.

Instructions for registration

To register, the user sends a predefined SMS message in the form: *P Last name,First name,Street and CP,Company(not mandatory). Items must always be separated by a comma. Note the required asterisk at the beginning!

For example, Mr. Novák Jan, who lives at 50 Main Street and wishes to register, will send from his phone the following message: *P Novak,Jan,Hlavni 50

If Mr. Novák is in business and would like to register as a company, he will add the name of his Novák&Syn and sends the following message from his phone: *P Novak,Jan,Hlavni 50,Novak&Syn to the following telephone number +420 720 001 676.

The registration will be made to the number from which the registration SMS was sent and will then be registered user to receive messages from the Municipal Office until the registration is cancelled.

Cancellation of registration

Of course, the system also allows you to cancel your registration, you can unsubscribe by sending an SMS message in the form: *P 

This SMS must be sent from a registered phone number to a phone +420 720 001 676.

 We believe that in today's modern, hectic times, this service will be beneficial to our citizens.

Sample SMS messages that are sent out:

SMS Info OU:Events for the week: 15.5. from 14:00 and 15:00 Vitani obcanku (OU), 15.5. from 20:00 Dance Retro party (U Klimesu), 16.5. from 17:00 football Vestec-Liber(hriste).Vas OU