Chronicle of the village Vestec

The first memorial book of the village Vestec u Prahy was established in 1927 and was kept by the chronicler J. E. Dobiáš until his death in 1932.

The chronicler's baton was taken over by František Vojtěchovský from Šátalka. The last record is from 1936. After that, there was a time gap of almost two thirds of a century. It is known that other chronicles existed, but unfortunately they have not been found yet. Apparently they have not survived.

 According to the Act No. 80 of January 1920 on commemorative books of municipalities, approved by the National Assembly of the Czechoslovak Republic, a new commemorative book was established on 6 January 2003 and Mrs. Blanka Paškováwho was in charge of this activity until 2021. From 2022, the chronicle was entrusted to Hana Vanečková. The chronicles of the municipality from 2022 onwards will be published several years apart; previously, calendars of the events of a given year will be published. The published chronicles are available for inspection by appointment at the municipal office, in the presence of the chronicler.

Together with the Vestec memorials we are trying to fill the huge time gap gradually. In addition to the written file, there is now also visual documentation, which includes not only photographs, but also newspaper clippings, invitations, tickets, posters, etc. 

Chronicle since 2003

Chronicles of the municipality of Vestec (annual)

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Retrospective chronicle 1938-2002

Retrospective Chronicle 1938-2002 - Texts available here

Vestec retro photos

Vestec retro photos

Vestec Chronicles from 1927 (describes the period 1898-1936)

A unique, original copy of the Vestec Chronicle from 1927 (describing the period 1898-1936) is available for public viewing

A unique, original copy of the chronicle of the 1st Junák Vestec from 1945-46 is available for viewing