Sale of land by the envelope method - Resolution of the Municipal Assembly of Vestec No 21/18/3 of 10.11. 2021

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The Vestec Municipal Assembly issued a resolution No 21/18/3 of 10 November 2021 on the sale of land by the envelope method. The sale will take place on 23 May 2022 at 17:30.

The subject of the sale are 2 building plots, which are in the exclusive ownership of the municipality of Vestec.

Terms and conditions of the envelope sale of landA: Each interested party is obliged to register in advance in the list of interested parties in the Vestec municipal office and to deposit a refundable deposit in the municipality's account by 20 May 2022. On 23.05.2022 at 17:30 the actual envelope sale will take place, the bidders will come with their envelopes to the office of the Vice-Mayors, Vestecká 3, Vestec. The decisive criterion is the amount of the price offered by the bidder, the lowest submission is the minimum price set by the expert opinion of 26.10.2021 in the amount of 11 000 CZK/m2.

Sale of land by the envelope method_resolution_ZO_21/18/3.pdf

Annex 1 - Expert opinion

Annex 2 - Model Purchase Agreement