Commission for Transport and Safety

The Commission was active from 2006 until 2018, when it was terminated.


If you want to contact the Commission, you can use e-mail: , or contact the individual members of the committee, we will be happy to discuss your suggestions with you.


The village is crossed by the II. class road II/603 Vídeňská in the north-south direction and III. class road III/10114 Vestecká in the east-west direction, which are very busy with traffic between the capital city Prague and the south-eastern region. In addition, the exit from the Prague ring road leads to Vestec.

After the opening of the Prague Ring Road, mainly freight transit traffic was transferred from Vídeňská Street to the newly built capacity road, but the opening also brought some problems that cause complications in traffic. These are mainly trucks avoiding the toll part of the ring road and shortening their journey via the Kunratická spojka and also passenger vehicles leaving the ring road and continuing on to Prague, which leads to the formation of traffic jams both on the exit and on Vídeňská Street. The opening of the exit to Dolní Břežany and Písnice could partly solve this situation, but its date is not yet clear.

In 2013, it was decided that the Vestecká spojka would be excluded from the Central Bohemian Region's master plan, so its construction will not take place in the coming years.

Among the things we tried to enforce, we managed to implement the installation of a traffic light with speed measurement at the stops Vestec, Safina and Vestec, Šátalka. We also managed to implement a network of cycle paths, and their further development is one of the Commission's activities. It was also possible to implement one-way streets, which enabled the creation of new parking spaces. Traffic signs are being added to comply with the regulations.


Thanks to cooperation with the police, the security situation is maintained at a good level, yet Vestec is not exempt from typical criminal activity, consisting of petty theft, theft by breaking into houses and cars and theft of car equipment or vehicles.

The Commission cooperates closely with the Municipal Police of Černošice, or since 1 June 2013 with the Municipal Police of Vestec and also with the Police of the Czech Republic. They deal mainly with road safety and also with criminal activities in the municipality, where modern video and photo equipment placed in the municipality helps to clarify them. The CCTV system consists of 10 high resolution cameras and helps both for online surveillance and to search for historical records. Its expansion is also one of the commission's other priorities.

The Commission also deals with suggestions from individual citizens concerning traffic and safety, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Status of the Traffic and Safety Commission of the Municipality of Vestec 2010 - 2014

Statute of the Traffic and Safety Commission of the Municipality of Vestec 2010 - 2014


Study of the intersection Vestecká - Ve Stromkách - K Jahodárně

Study of the intersection Vestecká - Ve Stromkách - K Jahodárně - Situation plan

Study of the intersection Vestecká - Ve Stromkách - K Jahodárně - Cable plan

Study of the intersection Vestecká - Ve Stromkách - K Jahodárně - Coordination situation

Study of the Vídeňská Bus Stop

Study of the Vídeňská Bus Stop - Situation Plan

Study of Bus Stop Vídeňská - Kabelová Plan

Study of Bus Stop Vídeňská - Cadastral Map

Study of the final form of the Vestec III. cycle paths - map

Study of cycling routes in Vestec II.

Metrobus in our area

Safety in the village - DaBk recommendations

Measured sections in the village Vestec

Study of cycling routes in the municipality of Vestec

Transport assessment of the impact of the Vestec Connector on the municipality of Vestec

Information brochure on the Vestec Junction for the public

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One-way streets in the village

Winter maintenance plan of the municipality of Vestec

Project Průběžná Street, U Hřiště

Semaphore project at Safina

Members of the Transport and Safety Commission

Eduard Jarolimek

Chairman of the Commission

Roman Fritschka

Vice-Chairman of the Commission

Marek Kowalewski

Member of the Commission

Tomas Kratky

Member of the Commission

Zdeněk Cihlář

Member of the Commission

Martin Votava

Member of the Commission

Milan Petrus

Member of the Commission

Zdeněk Vočka

Member of the Commission

Václav Drahoš

Member of the Commission